Fireworks E-Book


The ‘Fear of Fireworks, how you can help your dog’ is a 50 page e-book packed with tips and tricks to help you help your dog with his fear of fireworks.

It features some of the following topics and much, much more:

  • How to recognise a fearful dog
  • Which products are available on the market to support relaxation and stress relief
  • Which medications to avoid
  • How to create a safe place for your dog
  • Which precautions you can take to prevent a stressed out dog
  • Lot of stories of personal experiences to help you relate


I wrote this e-book because I know how hard it can be when your dog is afraid of fireworks.

My dog Daisy was very afraid of fireworks but after a long search, I found something that helped her. What that is … you can read in the e-book!

Despite the official fireworks ban of 2020, fireworks will still be lit. In some towns it is already happening every evening! That is why it is certainly wise to be able to help your dog with his fear as much as possible.

Just 9,95 including BTW

Fireworks E-Book