Puppy Training

Puppy Training

As a first time puppy owner, you will have a lot of questions. Wouldn't it be great if you could have all of your questions answered? You could go to a dog school for a group training but your puppy’s life is already up-side down.

Instead, I can come to your house to help you with all your puppy training questions one-on-one.

Shelter dog or adopted dog

Rescue or adopted dog training

Adopted dogs are often scared and have to get used to living in a home. Your dog has probably been through a lot and a group training is not the best idea. During the first weeks in their new home it is important to give your new dog the time to let him feel at home. I can help you with tips and tricks to make your lives a lot less complicated. Meanwhile you are building a bond with your dog and he gets the time to explore his new world at his own pace.

Benefits of individual dog training

One-on-one attention

With one-on-one training sessions, we can work on the specific challenges your puppy is giving you. Your partner and kids can join the training session, so the whole family can benefit!

Have all your questions answered

You can ask all your puppy questions with me during our training sessions.

Less stress for the dog

Your puppy doesn’t have to travel by car or public transport. I will come to your house or we can meet at a convenient location of your choice.

Build a good relationship of trust through peace, space & routine

It’s important to build a bond with your new puppy. The focus will be on relaxing, space and a routine, building a good foundation which you and your puppy will enjoy for the rest of their life.

100% flexible timing & program plan

On a day and time that will fit your schedule, even in the evening or in the weekend. We can even schedule on a different day and time each week.

Covid 19 proof

You can stay in the safety of your home without risk of joining a group session.


Interested to see what my training courses are all about?

Download my first puppy lesson e-book for free to get a taste of all the amazing things we will cover together in my completely personalised one-on-one puppy training sessions.


The puppy training was educational and we gained a lot of insight. What makes Marsha unique is that she provides customized and specific advice. She is helpful and will give advice on specific problems we had. Nala loved her and that is very important to us. I would definitely recommend Marsha because she is patient and kind to the dog. She has been very helpful to us and super sweet to Nala.


Iris, Dara & Nala
Happy puppy customer

We appreciated the focus on positive reinforcement and Marsha's patient approach which made our puppy very comfortable. It's nice that we could do the training in our neighborhood, following our usual walking routes. Marsha also sent us a booklet with a summary of the session and relevant tips afterwards, which was a nice touch. Overall I would certainly recommend this training!


Matilda & Appa
Happy puppy customer