How I decided to start with Personal Paws
After 10 years working as an administrative assistant I thought it was time for a new challenge. A very small advertisement in a local newspaper got my attention. After a very nice job interview and joining the owner for a day, I got hired. The combination of driving in a car, long walks and the interaction with customers was the perfect job for me. While I was working at the dogwalking service, I wanted to learn more about dogbehaviour. I followed a training for Dogtrainer at Kynocademy in Zwolle. I worked at the dogwalking service for 8 years and I loved working there. I felt it was time for a change, although I was really going to miss my dogwalking buddies a lot.

Then I worked at a Pet Hotel in Amsterdam for about 6 months. The high work pressure and the long days were not a good fit for me.

Through the UWV I found out they can help you with starting your own business. I wrote a business plan and it got approved! Because there are a lot of group dogwalkers I decided to provide solo walks. The name of my business I already figured out a few years ago and my coach helped me with the name VIP walks wich means Very Important Pet!
A little bit about me
I am from Amsterdam, only born but not raised although I am back to my roots now. I was raised in Uithoorn, I lived there until I was 35 (I lived in Kudelstaart for about 4 years). As of May 2015 I am living in Amsterdam Tuindorp Oostzaan with my husband Wesley, our 2 dogs Daisy and Dodger and our two cats Snoetje en Snipes.

My motto is ‘A day without laughter is a day wasted’ but I also like to say ‘A day without dogs, is day wasted!’ I can’t imagine a life without dogs, they always make me really happy and we can learn a lot from them, how they always live in the moment.
In my spare time I like to go to concerts, most of the time with my brother Jeffrey but my husband Wesley likes to join me as well. Music is (just like dogs) something I can’t do without, in my car I always listen to the radio. During my walks I never listen to music, I don’t like to be distracted and give my undivided attention to my VIP customers.
Reading books is something I love doing, mostly about personal development and off course about dogs. I like to watch movies and animated movies are still my favourite even though I am 40 years old. While watching animated movies I can escape back to my childhood again and into a fantasy world.
In June 2018 wij bought a vacation home in Putten it’s called ‘de Oase’, which we also rent out. We often go there for a weekend and we always spent our Christmas and New Years there. We love to enjoy the peace and quiet of the country side and the beautiful ‘Speuldersbos’ is just around the corner.